TTP Labtech: Robust Drug Discovery Solutions

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TTP Labtech: Robust Drug Discovery Solutions

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David Newble, Managing Director, TTP LabtechDavid Newble, Managing Director
The pharmaceutical landscape has never been one to shy away from a challenge and embrace a new trend. It is actually considered to be among the forerunners in adopting digital technologies that help improve process efficiencies, streamline operations, reduce efforts, and increase profits. Within the industry, numerous companies—both big and small—are coming up with novel approaches and techniques to treat diseases and help make the drug discovery and manufacturing process much easier. Headquartered in Melbourne, England, TTP Labtech is one such diversified technology and product-development company that designs and manufactures robust, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions for sample management, liquid handling, and multiplexed detection in drug discovery. “We offer a portfolio of products that provide agility, efficiency, and productivity by minimizing assay volumes, improving workflows, and reducing costs within drug discovery, structural biology, molecular biology, and genomics,” says David Newble, managing director of TTP Labtech.

Three of the company’s most popular products include dragonfly discovery, mosquito crystal, and mirrorball fluorescence cytometer—all of which are a part of TTP Labtech’s state-of-the-art solutions developed for high throughput compound and biologics screening, flexible sample management workflows, and unique low-volume liquid handling. “Our essential devices harness the power from innovative technologies such as positive displacement, laser scanning imaging cytometry, and pneumatic tube transport,” mentions Newble. TTP Labtech’s dragonfly discovery is an innovative technology solution that helps to significantly reduce assay development time and improve high-throughput screening (HTS) efficiency.
With its versatility and powerful software, the solution provides scientists with a common platform whereby they can easily develop complex assays, validate and screen them in a reliable, robust, and cost-efficient manner. Mosquito crystal, on the other hand, is a liquid handler that allows more extensive screening of crystallization space. Using mosquito crystal, crystallographers can now use smaller volumes of protein sample with no risk of cross-contamination. “The device brings together speed, accuracy, and high precision pipetting of nanoliter volumes of protein samples with zero cross-contamination from a disposable tip,” expresses Newble.

While both these solutions are a part of TTP Labtech’s liquid handling portfolio, mirrorball fluorescence cytometer is the company’s antibody discovery system. It brings the benefits of cytometry into a multi-plate screening environment, with no-wash, multiplex approach, which is set to become the future of immunoassays. The cytometry has been re-engineered to revolutionize immunoassay workflows, delivering data-driven decisions faster and within budget.

In addition, TTP Labtech also provides support services, including technical support, service agreements, application support, training, and relocations. Newble states, “All of TTP Labtech’s innovations are the fruits of our drive to create solutions to existing customer problems, and it is this ethos that propels our R&D efforts.” Through collaboration, deep application knowledge and leading engineering, the company enables life sciences and pharmaceutical executives to accelerate research and make a difference together. “Our strengths come from the trust our customers have on us to develop truly unique, automated technologies that meet their needs and requirements,” adds Newble. Over the last 18 years, TTP Labtech has successfully built an impressive portfolio of 30 innovative automation, instrumentation, and consumables products serving approximately 7,500 users worldwide.

Looking ahead, the company will continue to manufacture unique products to improve workflows in drug discovery, structural biology, sample management, biobanking, and genomics applications. “It helps us lay a foundation for our ambitious growth plans and enables us to further strengthen our position in the life sciences market and expand into new application areas,” wraps up Newble.
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