Romaco Group: Bringing Innovation to Pharmaceutical Packing and Processing

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Romaco Group: Bringing Innovation to Pharmaceutical Packing and Processing

Jörg Pieper, CEO, Romaco GroupJörg Pieper, CEO
For a long time, the pharmaceutical industry’s prime objective was to handle bigger production lines and attain exceptional productivity and product throughput. Today, alongside this, the industry is singing a different tune. With the advancement of personalized medicines and evolution of serialization regulatory mandates, packaging needs are also changing rapidly. Pharmaceutical companies are looking for reliable and flexible packaging solutions that provide product protection, patient ease, security, simpler information, and identification of products. Enter, Romaco Group, a Germany-based leading global supplier of packaging and processing solutions, predominantly for the pharmaceutical industry. The company serves multiple industries through a total of seven diverse packaging product brands: Innojet, Noack, Siebler, Bosspak, Macofar, Promatic, and Kilian—which are divided into three different business areas namely processing, tableting, and packaging. Founded in 1989, Romaco develops, manufactures, and markets intelligent packaging solutions that are specific to the requirements of its customers. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, the company also develops engineered system solutions for cosmetics, food, and chemical markets.

Romaco’s product range includes granulating and coating, blister packaging, secondary packaging, and sealing machines. The company also manufactures equipment for tablet pressing, filling sterile or non-sterile liquids and powders into bottles and vials and strip packing. Cartoners, dosing feeders, tube fillers, and counting devices round-off the Romaco solutions portfolio. “We can supply either standalone units or complete line configurations depending on each customer’s need,” says Jörg Pieper, CEO of Romaco.
Romaco’s Innojet solutions for drying, granulation, and coating small particles are based on the air flow bed technology, which provides significant benefits such as gentle and controlled flow of process air as well as shorter processing times combined with excellent, reproducible product quality. In addition, the method optimizes the fluidization of solid particles and creates flow conditions that enable extremely gentle intermixing of the product.

On the other hand, the company’s solutions for sterile liquid filling comply with the high standards of the Good Manufacturing Practices. “What makes the sterile liquid filling machines different from others in the market is, depending on a customer’s need and requirement, it can be configured with selected upstream and downstream systems,” adds Pieper. Few of the equipment’s advantages include efficiency and reliability, high barrier protection and ease of operation. Recently, in collaboration with its industry partner Huhtamaki, a film and foil specialist, Romaco developed a new push-through strip packaging for pharmaceuticals. “Using these innovative push through strips, tablets can be removed simply by pressing them out of the pockets in the four-sided sealed foil pack,” explains Pieper. It combines the excellent barrier properties of strip packaging with the opening mechanism of blister formats. In addition, Romaco also provides installation and startup, qualification support, ramp-up support, calibration, maintenance, and OEE support services through a network of sales partners and agents worldwide.

Pieper believes that Romaco’s success is based on a vigorous focus on the added economic value of their customer. “We consider each project from the customer’s point of view as an independent business case and invest significantly in it. We are quite familiar with our customers’ critical success factors,” states Pieper. With a strong foot in the pharmaceutical industry, the company operates from four European locations and serves customers across 180 countries. “We have a total of about 550 employees at eight diverse locations and over 100 agents worldwide that work to create value both for our customers and our company Romaco,” affirms Pieper. For the future, the company will continue to build long-term partnerships with its customers. Romaco also plans on designing and developing highly flexible, quick, and cost-optimized innovative products that comply with the highest standards of quality.
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