METTLER TOLEDO: At the Forefront of Manufacturing Precision Instruments

METTLER TOLEDO: At the Forefront of Manufacturing Precision Instruments

Olivier Filliol, President & CEO, METTLER TOLEDOOlivier Filliol, President & CEO How would liquids be accurately measured and thermal behavior of materials be precisely studied in laboratories or medical institutions if there were no precision instruments? In such a scenario, pathologists would be helpless without essential tools such as pipettes, analytical instruments, or weighing scales. Fortunately, there exist precision instrument manufacturers that provide necessary lab tools for modern scientists.

But, there remains a need for better equipment that can drive pharmaceutical companies ahead. Thus, pharmaceutical scientists approach manufacturing companies to develop efficient and robust tools. As a result, pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers continue upgrading their equipment complying with the latest technologies and international standards to satisfy the rising demands. These manufacturers also need a skilled workforce with engineering excellence, strategic approach, and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. And Columbus-based METTLER TOLEDO ticks all these boxes as a manufacturer of precision instruments and provides support services for equipment.

The company offers weighing, analytical and inspection solutions along with high-end products such as industrial scales, laboratory balances, Rainin pipettes, and process analytics equipment. Additionally, METTLER TOLEDO helps optimize crystallization, catalyzed reactions, polymerization reactions, or other processes in laboratories leveraging a process analytical technology.

Delivering High-performance Precision Equipment

METTLER TOLEDO offers precision instruments and services for a multitude of applications in research and development (R&D), quality control, production, and logistics to customers across the globe. For definite R&D results, the company provides high-performance weighing solutions. Considering the fact that innovation is essential for new discoveries in R&D, METTLER TOLEDO does not only offer the highest precision measurement tools, but also introduces many new innovative techniques to speed up and facilitate research work. From analysis of ultra-fast materials to highest-precision weighing and fully-automated organic synthesis and ergonomic liquid handling, the company equips scientists with several necessary lab tools.

The next step to R&D in the pharma machinery value chain is quality control, which depends on precise and quick analytical measurement along with efficient data management.

The company’s service offerings ensure optimal equipment uptime, performance, compliance, and the expertise required to maximize investments

Appropriately fulfilling all the quality requirements, METTLER TOLEDO provides a fully customized documented workflow for every quality control lab through its analytical balances, pH meters, titrators, melting point meters, and pipettes.

For measuring critical liquid analytical parameters such as pH or oxygen levels, METTLER TOLEDO sensors enable pharmaceutical, biotech, and other companies to ensure product quality and follow regulatory standards. They feature intelligent sensor and transmitter solutions for improved productivity, process reliability, and safety. Organizations can avail specialized solutions for formulation, piece-counting, and many other applications to improve productivity and reduce errors. METTLER TOLEDO also furnishes systems for metal detection, x-ray, and vision inspection ensuring that product quality is maintained, compliance with industry standards is achieved, and consumers and brands are protected.

To ensure the delivery of final product to medical institutions, METTLER TOLEDO provides a fast and reliable measurement for transport and logistics with the highest level of accuracy. It prevents unexpected downtime through its vehicle scale system that has a unique design and remote diagnostics capabilities. Since speed, uptime, and accuracy are crucial factors while undertaking any terminal, warehouse or distribution operation, the company offers in-motion weighing, dimensioning, and identification solutions that are precise in all conditions and provide maximum operational efficiency.

Round-the-Clock Service Support

METTLER TOLEDO strives to fulfill the specific service-related needs of its customers. It offers a wide variety of services including a comprehensive weighing service portfolio, laboratory balance, industrial scales, and other measuring equipment services. The company employs factory trained technicians to support customers from scale warranty to conducting thorough balance services using professional and proprietary measuring tools. Ensuring that an equipment remains functional throughout its lifecycle, METTLER TOLEDO services scale the support required for an equipment.

The company’s service offerings ensure optimal equipment uptime, performance, compliance, and the expertise required to maximize investments. An organization’s equipment often bears harsh environments and high utilization in critical processes.
In such conditions, businesses demand increased uptime, while preventing equipment breakdown or ‘wear and tear’ issues. METTLER TOLEDO provides regular equipment checks according to standard procedures ensuring maximum uptime at minimal cost. It also optimizes the uptime of equipment and provides support when a client needs it.

The performance of precision instruments and measurement equipment is imperative to an organization’s success. It is imperative for businesses to produce high-quality products and deliver reliable results. Thus, METTLER TOLEDO provides enterprises with high-performance equipment and software along with expert service and support.

Every business aims to comply with the highest standards of product quality. Their measurement equipment is the centerpiece of their quality system, and they need to ensure that the measurement results meet all internal and external requirements. METTLER TOLEDO understands the significance of staying compliant and hence offers services that allow customers to focus on their business operations without worrying about their measurement equipment.

Organizations also need to ensure that their operators and technical staff have the necessary knowledge to efficiently and effectively operate and maintain the equipment. Thus, METTLER TOLEDO provides training to the client’s staff helping them learn about equipment and industry.

A Success Story

METTLER TOLEDO operates across different locations such as U.S., Switzerland, Western Europe, and China and has a large client base spread across the globe. One of the many customers that it has been associated with—Phoenix Formulations—produces a variety of products including energy drink mixes and meal replacements. Phoenix approached METTLER TOLEDO when they were struggling to dispense their powders, capsules, and tablets into jars, composite cans, single serve pouches, stick packs, and bulk containers over eight packaging lines. METTLER TOLEDO then helped them obtain high-end equipment that could resolve the company’s problem.

Using its innovative techniques and latest technologies, METTLER TOLEDO manufactured high-end equipment that allowed Phoenix to deliver premium custom-formula nutraceuticals. The company also offered the client four metal detectors, three x-ray systems, and five checkweighers to ensure final product quality and safety. Today, Phoenix delivers high-quality products and has a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Akin to Phoenix, METTLER TOLEDO caters to several global customers with one of the largest sales and service networks in the industry.
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