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How are Bioanalytical Techniques Facilitating Enhanced Quantitative Analysis?
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The development of bioanalytical techniques has enabled the pharmaceutical sector to obtain a quantitative measure of the drug and its metabolites. FREMONT, CA:  The advancements in bioanalytical techniques have brought significant changes...

How Can CIOs Leverage Digitalization to Enhance Drug Development?
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The CIOs have a crucial role to play in establishing the right technology to specific pharmaceutical processes and improving the overall productivity of the organization. FREMONT, CA:  The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a...

How will Industry 4.0 Revolutionize Pharma Manufacturing?
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The adoption of Pharma 4.0 will enable pharmaceutical organizations to bring new capabilities into their manufacturing processes. FREMONT, CA:  The internet of things (IoT) has spurred the latest industrial revolution, paving the way for...

How Will Automation Technology Enable Price Reduction for Medications?
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The integration of automation technology in packaging operations is not only enhancing productivity, but also facilitating seamless compliance with the changing regulations. FREMONT, CA: The global pharmaceutical market is expanding with the...

Participation of Agile in Journey Orchestration in Pharma Marketing
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The agile methodology in pharma marketing can be a helpful aspect that will facilitate a more collaborative and productive company culture. FREMONT, CA: All industries keep customer experience and satisfaction at their topmost priority,...

Augmented Intelligence in Life Sciences
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Amaresh Tripathy, SVP - Business Leader, Analytics, Genpact

There’s a lot of hype around artificial intelligence, but we are light years away from businesses that are outright replacing humans with machines. Human-level artificial intelligence may never be a reality, and at best, these technologies...

Securing Drug Discovery with Blockchain
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Blockchain has the ability to provide an optimal alternative in a regulatory-driven sector such as life sciences, enabling safer information exchange between the organizations and its customers. FREMONT, CA:  Due to the increasing volumes...

How is Technology Driving Clinical Trial Management?
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The utilization of emerging technologies in the design and implementation of clinical trials will enable organizations to reach a wider patient pool, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency. FREMONT, CA: The advancements in technology...

Software-Driven Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry
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ERP software system is enabling the pharmacists to easily reconcile and procure medications from various sources. FREMONT, CA: The pharmaceutical industry is transforming at a rapid rate. Software programs are facilitating the environment that...

Balancing Compliance and Operational Efficiency
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Andy Newsom, CIO, CSL Behring

IT professionals in the pharmaceutical industry have adapted to numerous changes, none more challenging than Best Practices established by agencies such as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure regulatory compliance. For...

How Modernization is Effecting the FDA?
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The shift to modernize the drug review process helps the FDA identify the key issues and assess them on time with appropriate expertise. FREMONT, CA: Modernization brings development in organizations. The change in our attire, food habits,...

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain is Getting a Makeover
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The changes in the conventional business processes of a pharmaceutical company are enabling the removal of substantial expenses from the supply chain. FREMONT, CA: Manufacturing and supply chain processes create a wealth of data. The data...

Know How Sparse Data AI Augments Pharmaceutical Processes
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The implementation of sparse data AI bolsters the experimental results and provides accurate predictions regarding the behavior of molecules under specific conditions. FREMONT, CA – The transition toward value-based healthcare has spurred...

Do Not Miss these Three Aspects of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain!
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To overcome the challenges in the supply chain, organizations need to devise long-term strategies, giving more importance to the adoption of emerging technologies to streamline the processes and drive efficiency. FREMONT, CA – For a long...

Learn How Voice-Assistant Technology is Revolutionizing Clinical Trials
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Pharma tech organizations are leveraging voice assistants to enable continued patient interaction and engagement, especially during clinical trials. FREMONT, CA: Pharmaceutical organizations are seeking to implement simplicity and convenience...

AI-Educated Virtual Assistants are Altering Clinical Development
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FREMONT, CA: The age of modern drug discovery and development perhaps began with the breakthrough discoveries of insulin and penicillin. Since the last century, and especially from the 1950s, medical growth has proceeded at breakneck momentum,...

eClinical Trial Management - Changing the Paradigm for Clinical Trials to Find Newer Treatment Options for Patients
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Dr. Chirag Trivedi, Clinical Study Unit Cluster Head - India-South East Asia, Sanofi

Clinical trials are undertaken to find newer treatment options for the unmet medical needs of our patients. Over the last two decades, use of technology in clinical trials has been continuously evolving. Initially, the adoption of technology...

What Big Data means to the Pharmaceutics
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FREMONT, CA: When it comes to investing in Big data, no other industry has as much at stake as pharmaceutics. Big data not only provides the foundation for research and the discovery of new drugs but also helps patients and caregivers make better...

StayinFront Bagged the Best-in-Class Awards in POI's Vendor Panorama, 2019
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Ken Arbadji, VP of Sales, North America

FREMONT, CA: The days of endless marketing budgets to support pharmaceutical sales reps are a thing of the past. Pharmaceutical companies are more strategic today, about how they approach marketing spend and their investment in the field....

AI and Predictive Analytics Driving Efficiency in Drug Discovery
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FREMONT, CA: AI applications such as machine vision and NLP feel that their capacity for ingestion and transformation of unstructured medical data can be of great value to pharmaceutical companies. However, for software that requires more prepared...
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