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How do Enterprises Automate Personalized Drug delivery?
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The incorporation of IoT is empowering therapeutic device manufacturers to plan and develop robust drug delivery systems. FREMONT, CA: The internet of things (IoT) is engaging the medical device manufacturing industry to shed traditional...

What Food & Beverage Packaging Study Teaches CIOs about Digitization
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Arun Saksena, CIO and Digital Transformation Officer, Danaher Corporation’s Product Identification Platform

As a technology leader, I’m continually looking to gather data and insights that strengthen my business case for digital transformation within my organization. Shopper insights on food and beverage packaging helps marketers, designers and...

Curbing Supply chain Costs in Healthcare
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Mike Duffy, President of Hospital Solutions and Global Supply Chain, Cardinal Health [NYSE: CAH]

Today, digital technologies and the “internet of things” (IoT) is transforming our daily lives; everything is smarter, faster and more efficient. Technology allows our scale to talk to our phone; our watch tracks our heart rate, steps...

How Can CIOs Leverage Digitalization to Enhance Drug Development?
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The CIOs have a crucial role to play in establishing the right technology to specific pharmaceutical processes and improving the overall productivity of the organization. FREMONT, CA:  The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a...

How will Industry 4.0 Revolutionize Pharma Manufacturing?
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The adoption of Pharma 4.0 will enable pharmaceutical organizations to bring new capabilities into their manufacturing processes. FREMONT, CA:  The internet of things (IoT) has spurred the latest industrial revolution, paving the way for...

The Quest for Intelligent Medicine: Is Technology the Answer?
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Dr. Shailendra Bajpai, Head of Disease Management and Stakeholder Engagement, Diabetes & CV Emerging Markets, Sanofi

There has been a sea change in the field of ‘healthcare’ happening at a very rapid pace in the last decade or so. It involves redefining the key stakeholders, changing spheres of influence, evolving regulatory, legal, ethical and...

The Changing Phase of Analytical Labs with LIMS
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The functionality of a LIMS today ranges from an item focused on optimizing sample monitoring to a great platform that processes invoices and accounting and performs quality assurance or quality control. FREMONT, CA: It is a struggle to live a...

SOTU: The Internet of (Medical) Things in Health Care
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John Gresham, VP & GM, DeviceWorks and Interoperability, Cerner

What Is IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of internet-connected physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software and sensors that are connected, enabling it to collect and exchange information. As a leader in EHR...

Disruptive Technologies in Supply Chain
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Professor Nick Vyas, Executive Director and Co-Founder, USC Marshall’s Center for Global Supply Chain Management

Global supply chains are evolving at a rapid rate. Today’s executives are not only faced with traditional challenges such as cost, speed, quality and market share but also have to deal with ever changing horizon. It is important that...

How is Technology Driving Clinical Trial Management?
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The utilization of emerging technologies in the design and implementation of clinical trials will enable organizations to reach a wider patient pool, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency. FREMONT, CA: The advancements in technology...

ALTEN Calsoft and Clinlogix Usher Transparency into Clinical Trials with BioPharma Ledger
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The incorporation of BioPharma Ledger will enable clinical research organizations to achieve enhanced data sharing and storage capabilities. FREMONT, CA:  Modern clinical trial settings rely heavily on quick, easy, and transparent...

Technological Trends Revolutionizing Digital Healthcare
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The internet of things (IoT) has led to digitalization of clinical workplaces, introducing automation and cloud into the medical sector. FREMONT, CA – In the early nineties, several organizations blazed the trail toward modernization by...

Aligning IT with the Cadence of your Business
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William Leonard, ScD, Chief Information Officer, MPI Research

Cloud Computing- A Trend Setter in Biotechnology Cloud computing is certainly a game changer for all industries, especially for Biotech. Like many other biotech companies, our usage of cloud computing is, at present, limited to non-study,...

Transforming the Chemical Industry with Innovative Technology
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Ray Carr, SVP Operations, Linde Americas

How do you see the benefits of cloud computing for the Chemical industry, and how have you embraced it? Cloud computing has really transformed the speed and agility with which a company such as Linde is able to respond to the challenges we face...

Future Trends in TeleHealth
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Lynn Gibson, VP/CTO, CHRISTUS Health

Telehealth and telemedicine have been in the active discussion of future trends in healthcare for many years. With the growing change in governmental support, technology, and societal demand for convenience, we continue to see a growing increase...

Combating Security Threats in Healthcare IoT
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The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an abundance of benefits in the healthcare landscape ranging from monitoring patients to using data to gain insights on care delivery and thus the usage of these connected devices is increasing. But...

The Leap of Medical Imaging Technology
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The healthcare industry has seen a vortex of changes in recent years from new policies to legislation to advanced use cases and innovations in technology. The diagnostic imaging technology sector witnesses several trends more toward...

Pharmaceuticals Move into Internet of Medical Things
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Josh Stein, Co-Founder & CEO, AdhereTech

If you were to make an informal list of the most revolutionary, transformative, and successful companies of the past decade, which ones would you name? Chances are, you’d select powerhouse tech firms like Google, Apple, Facebook,...

Reduce company expenses using Data Analytics
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The looming issue that makes every enterprise to discuss is about the expense reduction. Even though it is quite challenging to attain cost reduction, yet many enterprises have noticed this as the goal to achieve. Fortunately, data analytics...

Blockchain's Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Rohan Hall, Intrapreneur, Sr. Architect, Emerging Technology Group, Capital Group, American Funds

The pharmaceutical industry is massive, multi-trillion industry and within are several regulations which must be met. These ensure a drug is safe for human consumption. All the aspects of drug manufacture including clinical trials, production and...
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