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How To Leverage Blockchain Technology For Managing Clinical Trials?
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Blockchain is a disruptive technology enabling the optimization of the overall strategy and process of clinical trials. FREMONT, CA: Conducting clinical trials is not an easy task as it requires more cost, resources, and time. Another big...

Why Pharmaceutical Companies have Increased their Investment in RegTech?
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RegTech provides exclusive opportunities to organizations that are looking for creative methods to reduce their compliance budgets while meeting the directives of governing agencies. FREMONT, CA: In the past few years, there has been an...

How Digital Marketing can Change the Pharma Industry's Scenario?
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The pharma industry, along with digital marketing techniques, has been approaching towards change and making the sector more active and interactive for better opportunities. FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry continually leads technological...

Securing Drug Discovery with Blockchain
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Blockchain has the ability to provide an optimal alternative in a regulatory-driven sector such as life sciences, enabling safer information exchange between the organizations and its customers. FREMONT, CA:  Due to the increasing volumes...

Technology + Compliance = Improved Models of Care in Life Science Services
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Bhaskar Sambasivan, President, Patient Services & Chief Strategy Officer, EVERSANA

Compliance is a broad and extremely important area in almost every industry and more so in life sciences as it directly and indirectly impacts patient lives. Because the life science industry is continuously evolving, we are challenged to...

ALTEN Calsoft and Clinlogix Usher Transparency into Clinical Trials with BioPharma Ledger
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The incorporation of BioPharma Ledger will enable clinical research organizations to achieve enhanced data sharing and storage capabilities. FREMONT, CA:  Modern clinical trial settings rely heavily on quick, easy, and transparent...

At Last, New Tools Available to Improve EHR Systems for Population Health Management
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Edward Clarke, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Arizona Care Network

It has been a long and winding road through healthcare’s digital transformation. This is particularly true when it comes to electronic health records. A lot has happened since the first EHR system was introduced in 1972. In 2004, citing...

Trailblazing Blockchain to Procure a More Personalized Pharma
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FREMONT, CA: One of the prime sectors, the pharmaceutical industry has a far-reaching effect on the world, modernizing traditional perceptions. Despite the fundamental reliance on the products and treatments provided, there are challenges across...

Leveraging the Benefits of Blockchain in Drug Discovery
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Most drugs have been discovered in the past by identifying the active ingredient via traditional remedies. The drug discovery process involves the identification of candidates, synthesis, characterization, screening, and therapeutic efficacy...

The Increasing Need for Traceability in Pharma Supply Chain
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As the current pharma supply chain is challenged by the lack of visibility and a number of new compliance regulations, most companies seek enhanced traceability. Pharmaceutical companies must adopt tracking technology to ensure product integrity...

Significance of Blockchain Technology for Healthcare Industry
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Many companies across industries are acknowledging the significance of blockchain technology for compelling business growth. The technology is deemed to be one of the most secure technologies available in the market today. Healthcare...

Blockchain effect on the Healthcare industry
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Initially, blockchain technology was intended to be used with bitcoin to store data, but now it is acknowledged as one of the most revolutionary technologies worldwide. It has brought revolutionary impact over many significant sectors...

The new blockchain prototype drives the medical industry
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Blockchain, the latest technology emergent has introduced the world to a digital invention which is a distributed network of data. The linked blocks of digital information provide an optimized way to handle big data and other operations related to...

Blockchain's Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Rohan Hall, Intrapreneur, Sr. Architect, Emerging Technology Group, Capital Group, American Funds

The pharmaceutical industry is massive, multi-trillion industry and within are several regulations which must be met. These ensure a drug is safe for human consumption. All the aspects of drug manufacture including clinical trials, production and...

Eliminating Supply Chain Risks with Data
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Data becomes useless when an organization has no tools for understanding and gaining deeper insights. Business data analysis has meanwhile helped several organizations reduce costs, make faster and better decisions. Drone images are an example of...

Blockchain as Panacea to Healthcare Pitfalls
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Advancements in the healthcare sector have a clear and direct impact on the patients and their health. Keeping the same in mind developers stride towards embedding new technologies in health tech which will improve clinical operations, patient...

Supply Chain Trends that are Moving the Businesses towards Optimization
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Companies today are overwhelmed by massive amounts of information coming from suppliers and customers. Supply chain management (SCM) includes movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point-of-origin...

Emerging Technologies Improving the Healthcare Industry
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Healthcare industry has witnessed plenty of innovations, but there is still a great opportunity for the entire sector to get better. Presently, storing patient health records is a challenge because manual handling of the records does not pan out...

Blockchain can Stop Unsafe Supplements in the Supply Chain
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The supplement industry is thriving, and it is worth $50 billion in the U.S alone. While some supplements are original and have nutrients for people to get healthy, some of them are fake. The regulation process of nutritional supplements and...

IoT and Blockchain: Boons To Supply Chain Management
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Supply chain management is now essential component in the functioning of a business. Upgrading its efficiency leads to an upswing in business productivity and profits. Understanding the need for advancement in the sector, enterprises strive to...
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